Welcome to www.nikerepository.com!  Nike Repository is an informational website that provides accurate information about Nike, Inc. and its products.

In roughly the last 30 years, Nike shoes more than any other piece of apparel, have exceeded beyond their original functions. No longer do they simply serve a purpose for everyday activities. Nike shoes have become prized possessions to some, artwork to others, and style accessories to many. As this gradual transformation occurs, the shoes themselves continues to evolve.  This website serves as a repository for Nike products and as an archive to track the styles and technologies of Nike shoes.

The main feature of the site is the Nike Shoe Repository, where information about over 3,000 Nike shoe products is available. Here you can find information about many Nike, Nike SB, and Air Jordan shoes, including the release date and the original price. There is also a significant database of Nike informational websites, forums, and online retailers as well, located on the Links page.

The Nike Logo Repository is now online! Over 80 vintage and new Nike logos have been compiled!

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